Monday, 26 March 2012

Letter Formation Stations

As I haven't finished the current unit of work I am working on at the moment (People who help us) I will write this week about something I do every week regardless of the theme... letter formation stations!
Before I tell you about the different stations I have going during writing time, here is a really good interactive letter tracing resource I use to launch lessons along with letter formation rhymes and stories:
For about 5-10 minutes of the letter formation lesson I usually get them to practice writing the letters on their whiteboards and attempt to get rid of bad formation habits before I let them off on their own making letters.

Station 1: Making letters out of playdough. (Here's the recipe I used to make mine: Playdoh Recipe)

Station 2: Continue practicing letter formation on whiteboards.

Station 3: Repeated practice of letters in sand boxes (old perfume gift boxes filled with a thin layer of sand). Shake the box when they run out of space and start again.

Station 4: I give them A5 sheets of paper with the letter printed on them about 6 times.They must cover the letters with glue, cut some pieces of wool up and stick them on to cover the shapes of the letters.

Station 5: Formation of letters on blackboards with chalk or on lined paper taking note of tall, small and fall letters as they write them. Usually consists of a front page of letters (capital and lower case versions of the letter being studied) and a back page of words starting with the letter (e.g Ryan the rabbit).

Possible Station 6 idea: I also like the idea featured on this website: All About Learning Press where a Ziploc bag is filled with soap and taped to the table and then the letters are traced on the bag. I tried making this but have not tried it out in the classroom as of yet!
Children are moved around stations after roughly 5 minutes at a station. They continue the work of the child who has left the seat empty in the case of the writing on lined paper exercise and the sticking wool onto the letters exercise.

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